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  • How Do I Report a Claim?
  • What Happens When I Report a Claim?
  • How Does Medmarc Help Me Select the Best Defense Attorney for my Claim?
  • How Does Medmarc Handle a Claim or Lawsuit Outside of the United States?
  • How Do I Access to My Loss Information?
  • How Do I Export or Download My Loss Run?
  • How do I Submit Changes to Our Contact Information?

    How Do I Report a Claim?


    Please promptly report all claims and lawsuits, preferably in writing to:

    Medmarc Insurance Group
    Attn: Claims Reporting
    14280 Park Meadow Drive, Suite 300
    Chantilly, Virginia 20151

    Phone: (800) 356-6886
    Fax: (703) 652-1389
    Email:  claimsreporting@medmarc.com

    Claims may be reported by email, mail, telephone or fax.  Always report claims and lawsuits promptly to preserve coverage rights.

  • If you have questions about whether to report a claim, please refer to:
  • Your policy which includes requirements for reporting occurrences, claims and lawsuits
  • Medmarc's claim staff who are available to answer questions and offer reporting advice.

    What Happens When I Report a Claim?


  • We typically assign a Claim Examiner within 24 hours of receipt of a claim

  • The Claim Examiner reviews and analyzes the claim for coverage, liability and damages issues

  • In litigated cases, we assist you in the selection of defense counsel and work closely with approved defense counsel until the matter is resolved

  • Our claims staff supervises and handles each claim or suit in a “hands on” manner until case resolution

  • You will be kept informed and involved throughout the life of any claim; your input is crucial to a successful defense strategy.  Status reports will be provided to you when there is a meaningful change in your case but no less often than quarterly.

    How Does Medmarc Help Me Select the Best Defense Attorney for My Claim?


    We have worked with defense attorneys throughout the world to defend the balance sheets and reputations of our policyholders for almost 30 years.  This experience has enabled us to identify the most experienced and successful attorneys to assist our policyholders.  Even our competitors ask us for attorney referrals.  No one expects to have a claim, but when you do our national defense attorney network provides:

  • Deep and relevant experience – Most attorneys are steeped in defending medical device and pharmaceutical firms in product liability cases.  Many also have medical malpractice defense expertise.

  • Coordination, collaboration and cooperation.  The network collaborates through an Internet list serve, allowing participants to compare notes on strategies, legal arguments, experts, etc. while maintaining individual client confidentiality.

  • Experienced trial counsel and savvy resolution skills.  Medmarc counsel are skilled trial attorneys, but also have negotiating and case resolution skills that can achieve rational business outcomes at mediation and settlement conferences.

  • Specialization in medical product defense.  Many of our network counsel have written and lectured on various aspects of product liability.  Some have medical or nursing degrees providing additional insights and credibility.

  • Cost-effective defense approaches.  We leverage our buying power to secure reasonable hourly rates from defense attorney firms.  We also maximize the value of your policy limits through detailed bill review and required litigation budgets.

  • Service guidelines.  We make sure that selected counsel communicate with you regularly and fully on the status and progress of your claim, keeping you “in the loop” and embracing a “no surprises” policy regarding these sensitive matters.

  • Resource pooling.  Our defense attorney network have access to a Brief Bank and various expert witness databases to help policyholders prepare the best defense in a lawsuit.

  • Lawyers who are well networked with the legal, medical and business communities.

    How Does Medmarc Handle a Claim or Lawsuit
    Outside of the United States?


    We have approved network counsel in many foreign countries.  In addition, when servicing foreign claims, we rely on a number of resources for loss investigation and litigation control.  These include:

  • GAB Robins Worldwide
  • Baker & McKenzie worldwide legal network
  • Lex Mundi Directory of foreign counsel
  • American Law Firm Association (ALFA)
  • International Legal Network

    How Do I Access My Loss Information?


    We provide automated access to confidential "loss runs" through our website.  Loss runs reflect key claims data including reserves, payments and case status, as well as summarized policy information, such as policy number, policy period, and limits.  Loss runs are useful for developing risk management plans, setting maintenance priorities and tracking the results of current risk management efforts.

    Claims are grouped at the policyholder, policy and division levels.  Summarized data are included at each grouping with detailed data at the claim level.

    We offer loss runs in multiple downloadable formats in addition to the web interface in the My Account section.  You may generate a loss run and follow the instructions provided to export to the different formats.

    If you are experiencing any problems obtaining access to your loss runs electronically, or should you have any questions, please contact our support staff.


    How Do I Export or Download My Loss Run?


    Medmarc offers loss run reports which are exportable to Microsoft Excel, PDF, TIFF and other file formats.  Currently they include a printable version and a data extract version. The printable version was created to include the most often requested information in a format that is legible when printed on legal-sized paper in landscape fashion.  This report shows the summary data for each claim and policy.  The data extract version includes additional information on each claim in a spreadsheet format and is intended for users that require to manipulate the data directly.  This report can be exported to Microsoft Excel and then manipulated like any other spreadsheet.  If you require data that is not available on the printable report, then you will likely find it on the data extract.


    How Do I Submit Changes to our Contact Information?


    Please email updates and changes to your company's contact information to OnlineRequests@medmarc.com.  When emailing your requests, please type in the Subject Line “Contact Update.” 

    Please provide information for your Primary Contact.  We will need your contact’s first and last name, title, address, direct phone, fax number and email address.  If applicable, also provide contact names and information for the following: 

  • SIR Billing
  • Claims
  • Loss Prevention
  • Loss Runs