The Hartford:
Additional Lines Coverage

Combined Expertise, Superior Protection.SM  Our alliance with The Hartford offers a wide array of coverages to meet your total business insurance needs.


Alliance of Specialists


Management Liability (D&O).  The Hartford provides coverage for directors and officers through its "Private Choice Ovation" package.  Key features include coverage for:

  • D&O and entity liability

  • Employment practices liability

  • Fiduciary liability

  • Crime

  • Kidnap and ransom/extortion


    Manufacturing Errors & Omissions (E&O).  The Hartford offers a variety of deductibles and, at your option, coverage for unlimited defense costs.  Key features include coverage for errors and omissions you make in the design, manufacture or installation of your product that result in:

  • Downtime for your customers

  • Repair or replacement of a defective product that breaks during normal use

  • Accidental damage to your customer’s property


    Property & Business Income.  Key features include coverage for damage to:

  • Prototypes, research animals and precious metals

  • Computer equipment by viruses and hacker attacks as well as standard causes of loss

  • Property in transit anywhere in the United States or throughout the world while in the possession of your employees traveling on authorized company business

  • Lost or damaged property is valued based on the cost to replace it at the time and place of the covered loss.


    Product Recall Expense.  Key features include coverage for the cost of:

  • Withdrawing your product as a result of government mandate, product tampering or good faith determination

  • Inspecting, removing and disposing of your product

  • Communicating recall information via radio, television, telephone and print media

  • Hiring temporary employees and paying overtime to regular employees needed to assist with the withdrawal of your product

  • Advertising to restore your reputation and regain your customers’ confidence

  • Covering loss incurred by your distributors or customers due to a covered recall

  • Replacing, repairing or remanufacturing a recalled product is also available (optional coverage)

    This web page outlines in general terms the coverages that may be afforded under a Hartford policy.  All policies must be examined carefully to determine suitability for your needs and to identify any exclusions, limitations or any other terms and conditions that may specifically affect coverage.  In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of the policy and the information presented on this web page, the terms and conditions of the policy prevail.  All Hartford coverages described in this web page may be offered by one or more of the property and casualty insurance company subsidiaries of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.