Biomedic-Insure: Non-U.S. Clinical Trials Coverage


Combined Expertise, Superior Protection.SM  Through our partnership with Biomedic-Insure, we arrange liability insurance for human clinical trials conducted in countries with “local admitted” insurance requirements. 


Alliance of Specialists


Local Insurance Requirements.  Some foreign jurisdictions require insurance carriers to be "admitted," meaning a carrier has received approval from insurance regulators to sell insurance.  Through our time-proven relationship with Biomedic-Insure, we can help you comply with local insurance requirements.   

About Biomedic-Insure.  Biomedic-Insure is an insurance broker, based in France, that is an expert in placing insurance for clinical trials with admitted carriers in jurisdictions outside the United States.

With a sole focus on the medical technology and life sciences industry, Biomedic-Insure provides an in-depth benefit/risk assessment of a company's clinical trial protocols.  On-staff medical doctors are available for consultation.


Responsive Service.  Turn-around time for providing responses to requests for insurance coverage is:

  • 48 hours for risks in France.
  • 72 hours for risks outside of France.