Medmarc Companies

Medmarc began business in 1979 as an industry-controlled captive insurance company. Today, Medmarc consists of Medmarc Casualty Insurance Company, an admitted insurer, and Hamilton Resources Corporation, a servicing corporation. Medmarc’s support of the life sciences technology industry is further enhanced by ProAssurance Specialty Insurance, a ProAssurance Group affiliated company, providing coverage on a surplus lines basis.

Medmarc Casualty Insurance Company (Medmarc®)conducts business as a licensed, admitted insurance company in 50 states and the District of Columbia. It underwrites and markets, through insurance brokers, products liability insurance for medical technology and life sciences companies. 

ProAssurance Specialty Insurance Company (PRA Specialtyis a non-admitted property and casualty insurer approved to do business in 50 states and the District of Columbia. PRA Specialty provides, through insurance brokers, a market for tailored products liability coverage needs and objectives not available from Medmarc Casualty.

Hamilton Resources Corporation operates as the administrative arm of the Medmarc, delivering services to the insurance companies, policyholders, insurance brokers and agents. Hamilton is also a licensed insurance producer in selected states.



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