Mission, Vision, and Values

The Medmarc Mission

Medmarc’s mission is to be the superior provider of liability insurance protection and related risk management solutions to the medical technology and life sciences industry.

Our Vision

We support the development, testing and delivery of products that save and improve the quality of life by ensuring the long term availability and affordability of liability insurance for the medical technology and life sciences companies that provide these products.

Our Shared Values 

The following values are the unchanging guide for how we conduct our business:

  • To think like our policyholders and brokers and provide them with excellent products and services. 
  • To bring a commitment to quality, ethics, professionalism and integrity to everything we do. 
  • To encourage innovation, creativity and continuous improvement. 
  • To work with a sense of urgency, energy and enthusiasm. 
  • To pay relentless attention to planning, executing and measuring business decisions. 
  • To operate within the constraints of our regulated industry
  • To ensure each employee has a strong understanding of our mission, vision and shared values.
  • To treat each employee with respect and encourage their successful development. 
  • To recognize and reward excellence by sharing Medmarc’s success with our employees. 

The ProAssurance Mission

We exist to Protect Others.

Our Shared Vision

We will be the best in the world at understanding and providing solutions for the risks our customers encounter as healers, innovators, employers, and professionals. Through an integrated family of specialty companies, products, and services, we will be a trusted partner enabling those we serve to focus on their vital work.

As the employer of choice, we embrace every day as a singular opportunity to reach for extraordinary outcomes, build and deepen superior relationships, and accomplish our mission with infectious enthusiasm and unbending integrity.

Our Corporate Values

  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Enthusiasm

We will honor these values in the execution of “Treated Fairly” to perform our Mission and realize our Vision.