Lauren Hulbert Presenting in IADC Event

October 7, 2020


This presentation was originally planned for the 2020 Medical Liability Roundtable that was cancelled due to the pandemic. It is now being presented as a virtual value benefit Webinar.


Are Your Machines Healthy? Cybersecurity Risk in Medical Devices

Medical devices are increasingly connected and interactive with health care providers and patients. While the health care industry has mainly focused on patient confidentiality in the past, cybersecurity challenges are growing exponentially. Medical information is a primary target for criminals, competitors, and even governments. Managing cybersecurity risk requires manufacturers, hospitals, facilities, and patients to work together. The presenters will discuss known and potential medical device vulnerabilities, current strategies to protect medical devices, and the FDA’s role in helping manage and mitigate cybersecurity risk.

Douglas Vaughn, Deutsch Kerrigan, LLP, Gulfport, Mississippi USA

Lauren Hulbert, Medmarc Insurance Group, Chantilly, Virginia USA
Robert G. Smith, Lorance & Thompson, P.C., Houston, Texas USA
Sharon Donaldson Stuart, Christian & Small LLP, Birmingham, Alabama USA