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From the Office Suite to Cell Block C: Potential Criminal and Regulatory Implications of Life Sciences Products Liability Lawsuits

Previously Recorded on April 25, 2018

The Department of Justice places a high priority on criminally prosecuting individuals including sales reps and executives for their corporations’ misconduct, including misconduct often at the heart of products liability lawsuits. In this webinar, Andrew Tharp of Butler Snow LLP will discuss DOJ criminal prosecutions resulting from allegations that also give rise to civil actions and how to avoid potential pitfalls that might lead to prosecution, conviction, and imprisonment.

This webinar will discuss: 

  • DOJ prosecution trends related to Pharma/Biotech/Device companies
  • Specific civil claims that may give rise to criminal and regulatory issues
  • How to prevent corporate conduct that may lead to liability or a conviction


Andrew Tharp, Attorney, Butler Snow LLP has extensive litigation experience with more than 30 federal trials, and he was consistently ranked one of the top litigators in the United States Air Force.

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