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My Product Is on the Market; Now What?

Previously Recorded on June 27, 2018

The design is complete. The label is finalized. The product is approved and sold. But the risks of liability don’t end there. In this webinar, Butler Snow LLP’s Kyle Cummins will discuss relevant post-sale duties and products liability doctrines affecting manufacturers after a product is on the market. 

Viewers will learn: 

  • The basics of product-liability “design” claims and “safer alternative designs.”
  • What is protected by the “subsequent remedial measures” doctrine.
  • How and when a post-product sale duty to warn arises.

Kyle R. Cummins, Attorney, Butler Snow LLP, has extensive litigation experience in the following practice areas and industry teams; Product Liability Litigation, Drug and Device Litigation, and Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Healthcare Industry Team.   


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