Risk Management Video Series

Sara Dyson, Esq., Medmarc’s Assistant Vice President of Risk Management, discusses the services Medmarc provides and how they are designed to prevent and mitigate products liability risks. She describes how her team is focused on determining how a products liability claim could arise based on what a life sciences company is making, how they are making it, and for whom they are making it. From there, they assist the company with designing and implementing a customized risk management strategy.

Kate Klaus, Esq., Risk Management Attorney, FDA Specialist, outlines some of the ways Medmarc’s Risk Management team partners with our insureds to help them reduce products liability risks, pursue appropriate regulatory strategies, and better understand the connection between their compliance practices and products liability risk profile.

Courtney Young, Esq., Risk Management Attorney, discusses how important contracts are for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and what should be in life sciences contracts. Courtney details the contract provisions that are crucial to protecting your interests and distinguishes the circumstances under which you should push back on your business partner from those instances when you can accept the terms “as is.”

Kate Klaus, Esq., Risk Management Attorney, FDA Specialist, discusses the interaction between regulatory compliance and products liability vulnerabilities. Kate’s philosophy, formed by her background working at FDA, in private practice, and with industry participants, is that the role of regulatory advisors is to find a compliant manner in which to accomplish a company’s business objectives. This approach is equally applicable to mitigating products liability risk, as she discusses in the videos.

Courtney Young, Esq., Risk Management Attorney, discusses Medmarc’s commitment to keeping its finger on the pulse of the industry and its active role in shaping the dialogue surrounding the most important issues to drug and medical device companies.

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